Spätis and Wegbier in Berlin

Berlin is a little bit different to here. Well, it’s a lot different if I’m honest especially considering CAMEL HQ is based in Norwich. It’s bigger, the public transport runs on time and it’s a lot more diverse. It’s relaxed and has a “don’t give a damn” attitude. It’s a very nice city indeed.35358661_10155858045988843_479851029257519104_o

One of the differences in Berlin is their culture of freedom, to do what you want as long as you don’t cause trouble or piss anyone off, and this includes drinking on the street or as they like to call it “wegbier”.

“Wegbier” basically translates to “Road Beer” or a beer to drink on your way somewhere, or on your way nowhere. It’s just a beer anywhere; walking down the road, or sitting in the park.

Wegbier is great. And where do Berliners buy their wegbier? From a Späti.

A Späti is not an unfamiliar concept because we have similar here; it’s basically your local convenience store with a few differences.

A Späti mostly sells lager and cigarettes more than anything else.

A Späti has a bottle opener on the counter for you to open your lager.

A Späti is open pretty much 24/7.

A Späti is on nearly every street corner.

A Späti has seats outside and a screen for you to watch the football.

A Späti is a wonderful place.

It’s is basically a hub of the community where you can go grab a beer and either sit and drink with locals and tourists alike or take you on your merry way whether you’re going somewhere or just aimlessly wandering.

It’s somewhere you can go and buy a lager for around a euro.

A Späti is a lager lover’s paradise

Go to Berlin and grab a wegbier from a Späti in the summer. It’s a proper Berliner experience. Then go get a kebab. There is almost nothing better.

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